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3 Peaks Photography & Design offers photography and Photoshop classes in Colorado Springs. Check out what our students are saying about their experiences.

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What people are saying about the digital photography class:

"I have taken several photography classes, and Mike's, by far, are the best. He takes you from the basics to higher skills, utilizing slide examples and time to experiment to enforce the lessons. I recommend his weekend class for beginners through intermediate photographers." ~ Amy Tracy

"Great class. Very informative. On my way to better pictures." ~ Richard Jadomski

"Lots of great tips and tricks. Can't wait to fully try all my new skills. Thanks, Mike."

"Mike is very knowledgeable about photography and doesn't mind answering questions and sharing information. This series of classes is like hitting the jackpot in the realm of photography. I enjoyed every class!" ~ Carol Turner

"This series of classes presented a great overview of my camera's capabilities and general photographic techniques. It has given me the courage to further explore my interest in this hobby. Thanks, Mike!" ~ Debra Othitis

"This class has been an absolutely wonderful experience. I have learned more than I thought in only 5 weeks! I will be able to use all that I have learned in order to further develop my photography skills. Mike is an exceptional teacher. I would highly recommend this class to anyone! ~ Abby Santurbane

"Great class, really liked the studio lighting and the low-light sessions." Joe Lanucha

"I really liked the class. It was very informative. The homework assignments were really helpful since we got feedback on how it would be a better picture. We got lots of tips, too. Thanks, Mike. :)" ~ Sinika

"I enjoyed the class. The information and teaching method were clear and easy to understand." ~ Pauline Foss

"This photo course series have been extremely informative and allowed me to start utilizing a nice camera to take even better photographs. The instruction was well formatted and designed to give the student a thorough understanding of how to utilize their camera, whether it is a basic set up or expensive DSLR, to take the best images possible. I highly recommend this course for the beginning photographer." ~ Chuck Woodall

"I enjoyed all of the classes and learned a lot about photography as well as my camera. I particularly enjoyed the classes with hands-on teaching, such as portrait photography and macro. I would not hesitate to take additional classes with Mike." ~ Shannon Johnson

"My first SLR purchase was a film SLR long ago. Unfortunately, I never learned how to use it and stayed in auto mode. This past Christmas, I got my first DSLR, still not knowing how to fully utilize it. After taking Mike's class, I am able to enjoy my camera and capture the image I am looking for. I highly recommend his course and look forward to additional courses he offers." ~ Amber

"I have really enjoyed this class and have looked forward to coming every weekend to learn more. Each class was an expansion of the previous week. The classes were also very interactive. I would definitely recommend this class to others. I hope Mike creates an advanced class, because I would be one of the first to sign up! ~ Jenna Valbracht

"Mike is very personable and answers questions in a way you can undestand and apply to your shooting style. I really enjoyed the hands-on and the pocket guide along with the resources he provided." Teresa Campos

"I was in your 5-week photography class at Tri-Lakes Center for the Arts in March. Anyway, I just wanted to tell you how much the class helped me! A few weeks ago, my 3-yr-old daughter was in her first dance recital and I got some really great, near professional looking, shots! It took me about 20 test shots of other dancers to get the right settings. I needed a fast shutter speed, but it was also low light and no flash photography. I was so excited that I knew what was wrong in the test shots, what to change, and how to get the correct settings for great pictures – all in a matter of a few minutes in time for my daughter to take the stage! I took some shots of our friends’ kids and the other moms were so excited since they had used point-and-shoot cameras and none of theirs turned out.  So just in case you’ve ever wondered if students really walk away with more skills, I certainly did! If it weren’t for your class, we would never have gotten great pictures of my daughter’s first dance recital! Thanks Again!" ~ Christie Beverly

"Thank you for this very helpful class! The weekend courses taught me so much in just a few hours. The information was easy to understand, and the time to practice was invaluable! This has motivated me to learn more, practice more and improve more!" ~ Kristyl Boies

"I really enjoyed this class because I learned about photography things I didn't even know existed. I will recommend this class to everyone." ~ Ervin Soto

"Very informative. Having the PowerPoint slides for the class online is exceptional. You can absorb the material relaxed, not having to try and frantically take notes. Also very complete in scope and depth." ~ Tim Spencer

"I thought the class was wonderful. The instructor knows the subject well and has great illustrations. Very worth the low price." ~ John Krause

"I felt this class was very good for teaching the fundamentals of digital photography. I learned a lot and can now use my DSLR as more than a glorified point-n-shoot. The price is good, and the weekend classes are convenient. If a more advanced class is offered, I will be taking it."

"Thanks for the wonderful class and cool tips you shared!" ~ Elena Lee

"Mike is an excellent instructor for Digital Photography. His weekly lessons have really helped me to better understand my camera and create better pictures. I would definitely recommend this class to anyone." ~ Andrea Hofstede

"I have learned how to control my camera more and have noticed improvement to my photos. I really understand my camera and settings much better and would like to take future classes." ~ Mike Dougherty

"I learned a lot and got much more comfortable with my camera. Thank you." Andrea Stone

"Mike is VERY knowledgeable and imparts his knowledge and experience with example and instruction. Great class. Mike always answers questions with additional information to enhance the learning experience." ~ Victoria Lambrecht

"Thanks for the awesome class. You've enabled me to be a better photographer and have changed the way I create my photos. The class was a great and tremendous experience, and I learned a lot. The slides and examples were great, and the class ran at a good pace, which allows retention and the ability to use skills later." ~ Nam Nguyen

"The class was a great mix of basic and more advanced topics. It really got my mind working on ideas for future projects!" ~ Jason Reever

"Great class - very helpful. I went into the class not knowing how to take my lens cap off and exited able to take much better photos. Thanks Mike for giving me the tools to understand my camera and sparking the creativity you knew was lurking there!" ~ Mary Ellen Currie

"I really enjoyed Mike Pach’s digital photography class. The information was presented in an organized and clear manner. He offered a lot of individual help. The assignments supported the class material and were fun. The critiques were very helpful as well. I am using my camera in new ways, feel more confident about my photos and would recommend the class to others." ~ Alana Thrower

“I just completed Mike Pach's Digital Photography Class held at Tri-Lakes Center For The Arts. The class was outstanding. Mike covers the basics of digital photography in a way that is easy to follow and learn. I felt that my photography skills improved tremendously. The classes were well organized and fun. Mike is a great instructor.” ~ Robert Baumgartner

"I really enjoyed this class and learned a lot!!!" ~ Christa McCormick

"This class was outstanding! I am new to photography and it was the perfect environment for me to learn the basics of my camera, as well as many more advanced aspects. The format of the class is very hands-on and each attendee is able to access their own camera, no matter the brand, and ask questions in real-time to become familiar with all of the 'bells and whistles'. It was also a good experience for those with several years of photography experience. Excellent!" ~ Kay Dennis


What people are saying about the Photoshop class:

"The classes are very informative, and I always learn a lot. Mike is always very helpful, and I look forward to his classes." ~ Elizabeth Moe

"Mike is an exceptional instructor. His knowledge of Photoshop is so great that he can teach several ways to complete a phototask. He's easy to follow and doesn't mind questions. Thanks, Mike!" ~ Debbi Lascuola

"Learned a lot! Attended all 7 classes." ~ Carol Miller

"Even as a new user to Photoshop, I found the class brought me to a level where I could use the software and begin independent editing of photos. The class was very well-organized and moved from basic to more complex editing. The photo examples served as practical application of the many techiques we learned. They were extremely useful." ~ Diane Cleave

The class was very helpful to understand all the features available in the software. Thanks for everything!" ~ James Moore

"I really enjoyed taking this class and learned useful tools to utilize." Elena Lee

"I truly appreciate your patience with my questions. The different uses of resolution was finally made clear to me. That was a major hang-up." ~ Diann Frendt

"This was a well-rounded class. The instructor was well-versed on the application and how to use the tools as well as very approachable and personable." Joe Lanucha

"The class was very informative and covered a lot of info that I found useful. Mike was very patient with questions. I loved all the different examples to work on and practice. I'm looking forward to taking more classes in the future with Mike." ~ Shannon Johnson

This was a great intro to Photoshop. It is a really complex software program, and I finally feel comfortable with it. Thanks!" ~ Mary Ellen Currie

"What a great class! Loads and loads of useful information. Well presented, too. 5 oohs and ahhs!" Rick Witter

"Very please with my decision to take this class. It has helped me to harness the power of a most awesome program. I look forward to using what I learned and learning much more." Paula McInaney

"Michael has a nice way of teaching Photoshop with photos that go with the functions we're learning. He explained everything really well, and I learned a lot" ~ Diana Love

"Excellent syllabus and flow from one point to another to teach the process of beginning Photoshop. I enjoyed the class very much. Mike is very patient with questions and very helpful. I recommend this class as a good starting point to get to know Photoshop." ~ Leigh Blackburn

"Great class!!! We covered several aspects of Photoshop, and Mike provided good detail on how to use the tools in the application. He has a good understanding of the use of the program." ~ Ken Reeves

"This was an amazing class. I learned so much. Photoshop is an incredible tool. Mike walked us through all the various functions and tools. We saw how they work. He provided problem photos for us to work on in class. He pointed out the problems and proceeded to show us step by step how to fix them. We worked though them right there. All of the exercises were WOW experiences. He would demonstrate a tool and turn us loose to play. It was a great confidence building experience. I would recommend this class to anyone who wants to learn Photoshop." ~ Alana Thrower

"I have taken photography classes and a Photoshop class from Mike Pach, and I highly recommend him as an instructor. He is well organized, explains topics in an easy-to-understand way, and is very encouraging to his students. I also enjoy Mike's sense of humor and how he keeps the classes a lot of fun. I also appreciate that Mike has been willing to answer my questions, even after the class has ended. I'm looking forward to more classes with him!" ~ Pam Soderholm

"The class provided a good overview of the program. I have a much better idea of what Photoshop is capable of doing. The small class size was very helpful. When I got lost, Mike could get me caught up without too much trouble." ~ Mary Reeves.

"Your Photoshop class was awesomely useful!" ~ Sherrie Beech-Avery


What people are saying about the HDR workshop:

"Loved the class. As always, I learned so much from the hands-on work." ~Jerilyn Spink

"As usual, Mike did a great job!! Multiple methods and great results." ~ Cass Andary

"A very fun and informative class. I would encourage anyone who is interested in learning about HDR to take the class." ~ Elizabeth Moe

"Great and incredibly fun class. You made it easy to understand with practical applications." ~ Lindy Wiseman

"Mike always has very instructive classes, but this class was fantastic. On sight at the trolley museum, there were many different angle possibilities. The best part is Mike can conjure up perfect clouds for te shoot!! The in-class instruction, both before and after the shoot guarantee a great learning experience." ~ Rita Spier



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